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At Quest Himalaya Adventures, our service assures you value for money. Your sojourn into our realm will have that very special personalized attention and care, the gracious Sikkimese hospitality that we pride in. We promise to ensure that your trip is not only memorable but enriched by a deep knowledge of the people you meet and places you visit.

Emphasis on Quality
We use some of the best hotels in our programs, chosen for both comfort and character. We use excellent equipment and well-trained staff. We use quality private transport with skilled drivers. Our local guides are some of the best in the region.

Small Group Travel
For your comfort and convenience all land transfers in the Sikkim-Darjeeling region are conducted in jeeps seating no more than three people per vehicle.

The hotels we use have small capacity, and to ensure that that there is a minimum impact on the environment, we insist upon a group size of no more than 16 people.

Responsible Tourism
We are committed to responsible tourism through our policies and practices - which are socially, environmentally and culturally sound. We strongly feel that the places you visit should benefit local communities, protect the environment, respect local traditions, religion and heritage. Minimum impact trekking/touring is the best way of preserving the beautiful and fragile places we visit.

Tailor Made Itineraries
As well as our prescribed itineraries we provide competitive and expert tailor made services. This allows for individuals and groups the chance to fix their own time-limit, select thier own places of interest and, with our advice, plan their perfect itinerary.

Your private itinerary can be low budget or luxury, from just a few days to weeks, and our in-depth knowledge of the region will ensure that even the sometimes complex details are fully arranged.

Terms and Conditions
Personal Insurance
Quest Himalaya Adventures and its associates/agents vouch to take all preventive measures to avoid any untoward accidents. However as a precaution, all participants of the tour are advised to protect themselves with personal insurance. It should cover accidents, sickness, loss of property etc.

While every precaution is taken to ensure your safety, Quest Himalaya Adventures and its associates/agents are not be liable for accidents, loss or damage of property, sickness, or the occurrence of any incidents that are beyond our control.

During the course of your tour, the itinerary or route may be subject to change by Quest Himalaya Adventures and its associates/agents for reasons beyond their control.

Extended duration beyond the itinerary resulting from cancellation of flight, road blockage, strikes etc. must be borne by clients. Quest Himalaya Adventures and its associates/agents will not be liable, so participants of the tour are required to bear the necessary expenses incurred under such circumstances.

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