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Martam Village Resort is the perfect getaway for visitors wanting to relax in the peace and quietness of rural Sikkim. Nature lovers will enjoy hikes amidst wildflowers and bird-watching in the nearby hills, while the gregarious may choose to mingle with neighboring villagers and experience ‘fabled Sikkimese hospitality’. The world famous Rumtek Monastery is just 5 kilometers away and Gangtok, the bustling colorful state capital can be reached within the hour.

<Martam Resort Cottage>

• 14 Cottages with spacious twin-bed rooms, w/ attached bath
• Cozy Dining Hall / Bar serving a wide variety of cuisine / drinks
• Spacious natural surroundings

Activity Options:
• Nature hikes, butterfly / bird-watching, fishing
• Archery
• Mountain biking

<Sikkimese Art by Norbu Lama>
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