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Above: Bill admiring the morning view from Maenam Peak

Jean and Bill Murchland's
High Himalaya Botanical Adventure - April 2007

Jean and Bill Murchand, avid flower lovers from Adelaide, Australia, brought us the challenge of taking care of an elderly couple way up to the alpine climes in quest of blooming rhododendron forests. Despite their age, despite Bill’s doctor’s advice, and despite the fact that they lived at sea level (in Adelaide), their determination to trek and summit the 10,500 ft Maenam Peak and camp there knew no bounds, and they did it!

<Sikkim Rhododendron Trek - Murchlands in Barsey>
Above: Jean and Bill on the Barsey trail with our guide, DB Chettri

Here is what they wrote back on returning home:

Dear Arthur,

Thank you for your Email. We arrived home safely on 24 April with very happy memories of our holiday in Sikkim. We are very appreciative of the superb care given to us by yourself, DB, Razu, Wong De and Camp Crew.

Thank you for the photo albums. We have been able to share these with family. Our photos are not yet developed. Wow! We’ve had a quick preview of the stunning photography on the CD on one daughter’s computer, and think that we will be able to play it on ours. No wonder you were so tired after preparing it, Arthur! We also value DB’s and Razu’s contribution to it. They certainly are special guides. The CD is something that we will treasure dearly.

At present, we’re still a bit travel weary due to unforeseen circumstances with Singapore Airline flights and Singapore Hotel where for the 4 nights after Kolkata we had very little sleep, and problems with the airline food.

Next week, we hope to go to the city and see Laurence. Also, with more time, we will make some considered comments about the Sikkim programme and Email them to you.

Kind regards,

Bill and Jean Murchland

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