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Wildlife Adventure

You can combine your rafting trip with a short safari for the ultimate in sub-tropical adventure. Or you may simply choose to focus on wildlife and spend a longer time in one of Nepal’s many lowland jungle national parks. Endangered species such as one-horned rhinos, Bengal tigers, and gharial crocodiles abound on the ground, while uncountable species of birds and butterflies dominate the air. The indigenous Tharu ethnic group lives in the lowland Terai areas around the parks areas, and provide a surprising cultural contrast to the mountain peoples of the north. All of Nepal’s parks and reserves offer incredible wildlife viewing opportunities—just choose the best one to suit your interests and we will make the arrangements.

Chitwan National Park
Previously a hunting preserve for Nepal’s royalty, Chitwan was designated a national park in 1973 and is widely respected as one of the best wildlife parks anywhere in Asia. Easily accessible from both Kathmandu and Pokhara, it has been developed for tourists and is perfect for a short trip—in as little as two days it is possible to enjoy the highlights of the park. Take an elephant ride through the jungle to view rhinos, crocodiles, deer, and wild boars, or walk on your own two feet accompanied by a qualified nature guide to observe plant and bird life. If you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the rare Bengal tiger! It is a once in a lifetime chance to encounter all of these unusual animals up close. Return to your private bungalow inside the camp at night for delicious food and Tharu cultural programs.

Royal Bardia National Park
Situated in mid-Western Nepal, Royal Bardia National Park provides a more remote environment in which to commune with wildlife. Compared to Chitwan, Bardia sees far fewer visitors, yet its wildlife is just as rich if not richer due to the lack of development. Here you can view over 250 species of birds, in addition to Bengal tigers and thirty-one other unusual species of mammals. Bardia is home to successful programs for breeding both rhinos and gharial crocodiles. The grand Karnali river flows through the park, which is comprised of riverine terrace at the foot of the forested Siwalik hills. A visit to Bardia is a true safari adventure which few tourists experience.

Royal Suklaphanta National Park
Even further west lies Suklaphanta National Park, the most remote of Nepal’s Terai wildlife preserves. Nestled against the Indian border on the Mahakali river plain, Suklaphanta was initially established as a grassland reserve for a huge herd of endangered swamp deer. It is a spectacular sight to see hundreds, or even thousands of them traveling together across Suklaphanta’s expansive grasslands. You can also find tigers, rhinos, and elephants here. Royal Suklaphanta offers an indisputably unique wildlife viewing experience.

Koshi Tappu Reserve
Located in the flood plain of the eastern Terai, Koshi Tappu is a bird watcher’s paradise. It is an important transit point for many of Asia’s migratory birds, which travel from here up the Arun River to Central Asia and Europe. Koshi Tappu is also home to a rare herd of wild buffaloes, as well as the Indo-Gangetic dolphin and the amphibious gharial. For bird watching, this is the ideal destination.