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Nepal. A mystical land of high mountains, jungle wildlife, rushing rivers, and rich cultural, religious, and artistic traditions. It is a land of extremes, where the world’s highest mountains rush down steep river valleys to meet lush lowland jungles only 100 miles away. Where you can ride an elephant among banana trees and still see mountain peaks towering above. Where Tibetan salt traders mingle with Indian merchants in the lively streets of Kathmandu as the country’s diverse array of ethnic groups look on. Where Buddhist and Hindu deities guard every street corner and hilly trail, while the wild forces of the mountains themselves reign supreme.

There is something here for everyone - whether you are a mountaineer seeking challenging trails, a wildlife lover eager to experience the silence of some of South Asia’s most renowned wildlife preserves, an arts aficionado who will appreciate the rich cultural heritage of stone and metal craft scattered casually throughout the Kathmandu Valley, a spiritual enthusiast hoping to meet Tibetan lamas and Hindu holy men, or simply a vacationer looking for a great time in one of the world’s most majestic landscapes.

Mt. Everest and seven of the world’s fourteen peaks above 8,000m dominate Nepal’s skyline. These high peaks mingle with their smaller siblings - themselves imposing masses of rock larger than most other countries’ highest points - to create an unbroken chain of ice and snow that stretches from east to west against the sharp blue sky. Most first time visitors are astounded when they catch their first glimpse of the peaks towering high in the sky where only clouds should be. One look at the Himalayas, and you too will be spellbound.

The mountains speak their own histories, telling of fantastic geological upheavals and wild weather patterns, but also of the humble humans who make their homes on the mountains’ rugged flanks, practicing the delicate art of survival in a fragile mountain ecosystem. In the shadow of the Himalaya, nature and humanity coexist in the most remarkable ways.

Over thirty-six ethnic groups speaking as many languages of both Tibeto-Burman and Indo-Aryan origin make their homes here, living largely off the land. Their diverse dress, jewelery, beliefs, and festivals make up the lively tapestry that is Nepal. The country is the world’s only Hindu kingdom and has a sizeable Buddhist minority, yet there is no history of ethnic strife here. Nepali people of all ethnic and religious persuasions are famous for their friendly, welcoming attitude.

The definition of hospitality here goes far beyond your wildest imagination - you will be welcomed into homes across the country with a smile and a warm cup of tea, and leave with lifelong friends.

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